17 Henry St, Ashfield

Rigby House Childcare Centre

Greencore Projects: Niklas Green, Emily Oei

Completed: 2018

Project Value:  Up To $300,000.00

Client: Infants’ Home

Project Overview: Green-core has been engaged in both external and internal refurbishment of the Rigby House including the demolition of the existing roof structure and supply and installation of the new timber and metal roof structure, safe removal of old asbestos ceiling lining below the metal roof. The internal works included the installation of a new kitchen with built-in appliances, new staff, and toddler bathrooms, staff amenities including an electrical upgrade to all facilities and installation of new air-conditioning systems and fans, replacing the old ceiling with plasterboard throughout, installation of new childproof gates, also painting works throughout the building to the existing walls, doors, and verandas.

Role: Construction